The Penney’s summer preview has ended while Parlour’s summer menu is now being served


Cold Oysters  $4/ea

melon, fresh horseradish, scallion oil


Warm Scallops  $4/ea

brown butter, hazelnut, black truffle


Fried Spiced Peanuts  $5

sichuan peppercorns, sea salt


Shrimp Croquette  $7

yellow chile, chihuahua cheese, bread crumbs, soy mayo


Warm Marinated Olives  $6

dry-aged beef fat, orange, lemon, bay, rosemary, chile


Royale  $6/ea

dry-aged beef, brioche, aioli, caramelized onions, bacon, gruyere cheese, a pair of fries


Caviar, Caramelized Onion Dip, Chips  $18/5 grams

To Start

Parker House Rolls  $7

sesame seeds, european butter, chives, sea salt


Hamachi Crudo  $19

cherry tomato, peach, basil, fresno chile, thai vinaigrette


Melon Cucumber Salad  $16

market melons, summer cucumbers, green aguachile, fried shallots


Caesar  $14

bitter chicories, shaved brussels sprouts, black radish, breadcrumbs


Roasted Heirloom Carrots  $16

california stone fruit, citrus yogurt, orange, mint


Spanish Octopus  $18

peaches, fingerling potatoes, bbq sauce, pickled onions

A Bit More

Cacio E Pepe  $19

bucatini pasta, pecorino romano, black pepper


Pasta Bolognese  $21

pappardelle pasta, classic ragu, parmesan


Steelhead Trout  $32

cauliflower puree, potato pave, brown butter-black truffle jus


Cooks Venture 1/2 Chicken  $34

braised kale, chanterelle mushrooms, chicken jus


NY Strip  $MP

sliced, salsa verde


Italian Sweet Peppers  $13

romesco sauce, spanish cheese, sherry vinegar


Brussels Sprout Fritter  $13

fuji apple, nueske bacon


Coconut Panna Cotta  $12

fresh passion fruit


Peach Cobbler  $10

spiced oat crumble, vanilla ice cream