Calling all golfers, foodies, art-lovers & rascals

First established in 1971 and recently re-imagined, Desert Island is not just a Greater Palm Springs country club with a breathtaking lake and mountain backdrop to the championship golf course. Here, we celebrate the unusual, the glamorous eccentricities and whimsical indulgence of life less ordinary.

Created exclusively for everybody, our tee-times, restaurants, and bars are open to our members and nonmembers alike.

Book now for golf, or for dinner at The Penney, with it’s ingredient-led seasonal Californian menu, or drop in and discover what’s happening at Parlour, our cocktail lounge for rascals.

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Welcoming non-members for golf, dining, cocktails and events, Desert Island houses The Penney, a chef-driven restaurant with a seasonal Californian menu and rare-spirits library; Parlour, a vibrant cocktail lounge with DJs, vintage pool table, board games and piano; 9 1/2, al fresco all-day golfers bar with home-made grab ’n’ go food; Red’s, a cheeky, mobile bar cart for artisan refreshments on the golf course; Northern Gallery, a contemporary art space with a calendar of artists’ exhibitions; and a magnificent late-century Ballroom for weddings and events.

Dining & Imbibing: What’s your Pleasure?

We offer a range of eating and drinking experiences, from casual to refined, all dedicated to your ease and comfort.
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private events

Calling all romantics, mavericks and party people. For anyone looking for a venue with a little swagger, our late-century ballroom, the Northern Gallery space, the private dining room, Parlour cocktail lounge, and The Penney restaurant, are all befitting indoor options, available for private hire. Outside, the golf course offers a variety of cameragenic opportunities for events, likewise with our lakeside putting green, and the driving range. On Desert Island, we celebrate whimsical quirks, glamour and indulgence, co-creating individualist private events and weddings, that like everything on Desert Island, are less ordinary.
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Open to non-members, one would be forgiven for asking why apply for membership to Desert Island?
For avid golfers, the answer is a hole in one.
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private club Life

Our strictly limited membership offers exclusive amenities to avid golfers who join Desert Island as private club ambassadors.
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