Open All Week from 7 am to 4 pm
Reservations (760) 328-2114

Welcome to Desert Island Bar and Kitchen where we lovingly prepare carefully sourced ingredients and serve them alfresco.

Open All Week from 7 am to 4 pm
Reservations (760) 548-2114

Early Riser

Served 7 am to Noon

Breakfast Sandwich  $12

nueske bacon, free range egg, american cheese, caramelized onion, chile mayo, potato bun


Breakfast Burrito  $14

free range egg, nueske bacon, tater tots, cheddar cheese, guacamole, taco salsa, flour tortilla


Classic American Breakfast  $14

two eggs scrambled, three pieces nueske bacon, breakfast potatoes, toast

Lunch & Golden Hour

Served 11 am to 4 pm

Market Salad  $9

mixed greens, pomegranate, honeycrisp apple, walnut, pomegranate vinaigrette (+5oz salmon $10)


Tuna Melt  $15

line caught tuna, mayo, tomato, cheddar cheese, sourdough bread, fries


BLTA  $16

sourdough bread, thick cut nueske bacon, heirloom tomato, gem lettuce, avocado, fries


Smashburger  $17

two dry aged patties, american cheese, caramelized onion, bread & butter pickles, di sauce, potato roll, fries


Fish Tacos  $18

battered sole, cilantro crema, shaved cabbage, avocado, salsa negra, corn tortillas


Ultra Dog  $13

michelob ultra steamed hot dog, sport peppers, nuclear relish, sliced tomato, diced onions, yellow mustard, fries


Side of Fries  $6


Cookies  $3

Exceptional Beverages


House  $12


Budweiser  $4.50

Bud Light  $4.50

Michelob Ultra  $4.50

Brooklyn Brewery  $6.00

Coors Light  $4.50

La Quinta Brewing Co. Poolside Blond  $8.00

La Quinta Brewing Co. Even Par IPA  $8.00

La Quinta Brewing Co. Heatwave Amber  $8.00

805  $6.00

St. Pauli Girl N/A  $6.00

Modelo Especial  $6.00

Stella Artois  $6.00


Coke  $3.50

Diet Coke  $3.50

Sprite  $3.50

Gatorade  $3.50

Water  $3.50


Iced Tea  $3.50

Lemonade  $3.50

Arnold Palmer  $3.50


Pineapple  $4.00

Cranberry  $4.00

Grapefruit  $4.00

Orange Juice  $4.00

Craft Coffee

Coffee  $2.50

Espresso  $4.00

Cappuccino  $5.00

Latte  $5.00