Tipsy Hour

Begins Friday, March 10th

Open to non-members


sunset cocktails • tropical tacos • lakeside putting

weds-sun / 3pm-sunset

Desert Island Tipsy Hour Promo Image shows a variety of well-dressed people enjoying cocktails on the putting green at golden hour.

Tipsy Hour Menu


all items 9.50


2 Tropical Tacos

Choice of

chile marinated grilled pork, pineapple, pickled onion, cilantro, lime


jerk chicken, shaved cabbage, mango, jalapeno, red onion, bell pepper, lime


Veggie Quesadilla

zucchini, squash, poblano chile, chihuahua cheese, red onion, cilantro


Japanese Shaved Ice

coconut, pineapple, mango mochi, condensed milk, caramelized pineapple pieces, toasted coconut flake

add a dark rum float  5


Casi Classico Margarita

blanco or repasado tequila, lime, triple sec


John Daly

vodka, black tea, lemonade


Island Breeze

rum, cranberry, pineapple, coconut, basil


4 polaroids of folks enjoying Tipsy Hour on the Desert Island putting green. Colorful cocktails and bright, dressy clothes.
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A well-dressed bartender shaking a cocktail on the Desert Island putting green at sunset.